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We offer Spanish language programs for children ages 3 to 12 in South Florida. Kids are encouraged to speak Spanish through age- appropriate classes that are both educational and fun. We teach children the same way they learn their native language, through all sorts of games, songs, and skits. Children learn to communicate with short, simple sentences, and later more complex ones.  Reading and writing will be introduced in our theme curriculums for continuing students.  All of this in the comfort of your own home!!!

Single Tutoring $35/45 min

 Groups of 4-5 kids $ 20 per child per 45 min.

If you host the class you get 20% off

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It is well known that preschoolers and children in elementary school are very receptive to early exposure of a second language. So why not give your children the gift of learning Spanish?

There is nothing better in America than being bilingual and your kids will always have an advantage that will lead them to more and better opportunities in life.